Discover how technology, consciousness and spirituality can heal our lives and the world.


Join us as we create strong and loving families, communities, schools and workplaces.

Share the journey by embracing transformational processes that create a more loving, understanding, compassionate and inclusive world.


Embrace each moment with a profound experience of purpose and significance, as you heal the world, on all levels, with your actions and intentions. 

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Every Monday, 7 PM (UK time)

Altruism and love-based systems

Participate in a world healing process founded on a new consciousness and discover the hidden path of happiness.

Step 1: Become a love-based person.

Step 2: Collaborate with other love-based people to create love-based systems.

Step 3: Share this new consciousness with people that are not yet aware of it.


Every Monday, 7:30 PM (UK time)


Self-Tracking for recovery and wellbeing

Learn how to track your progress in recovery and wellbeing.

Learn how to use simple, free and powerful self-tracking tools to:

  • Recover from an addiction 

  • Recover from a mental health concern

  • Enhance your wellbeing



Every Monday, 8 PM (UK time)

Transform your life, family, community and the world...

..by meditating on the writings of Baháʼu'lláh.